The brief


How can we go beyond the traditional dealership communications to deliver a real, competitive advantage at the point-of-sale for FCA.

A universal truth

If there’s one universal truth; it’s that we’re all looking for a bargain (or at the very least we’re all wanting to make sure we get fair deal)!

Every research piece and data set you can rustle up backs this up, in fact the data now suggests that over half of car buyers use their mobile while sat in a dealership trying to buy a car.

Why? Well before they press ‘go’ on one of the biggest purchases of their life, customers want to be 100% sure there isn’t a better deal on a similar vehicle on the other side of town. So what better time to reach out to them…


8,564 Visits to Fiat Dealers

Using geo-targeting technology and our awareness that indecisive buyers would more-likely-than-not be searching for any offers better than those presented to them in a showroom, RLA were able to ring-fence the forecourts of competitive brand dealerships, allowing us to serve advertising to people who we had keenly identified were very much in a car-buying state-of-mind. Now that’s what we call a real competitive advantage at the point of sale!