The brief


How do we bring to life Audi’s innovation and technology in a way that improves the buying journey?

The insight

It’s a hard truth, but a whopping 80% of car buyers no longer enjoy the buying experience. An important contributor to that stat is the confusion (and at times overwhelming choice) potential buyers are subjected to early on in their buying journey.

Technology in cars is evolving at a lightning pace, that most of us don’t know what a lot of it does anymore, why we need it, or even how to use it.

To ensure Audi’s dealers had the best chance of selling, we needed to help buyers understand the tech, allowing themselves to become up-to-speed with everything Audi’s latest Technology had to offer – before ever setting foot in the showroom. All part of making the buying journey clear, simple and useful.


Our innovative approach involved creating a microsite that acted as a lexicon of all their automotive tech – something that bridged the gap between the brand and the local dealer, explaining the latest (amazing but often bewildering) tech in simple terms with graphics and content that helped make the tech not only easy to understand, but highly desirable.

We needed to close the gap between manufacturers and retailers

e-tron charging

Audi microsite on an iPhone

Microsite on a laptop and an Audi A1