The brief


How do you capitalise on a powerful emotional relationship with a brand, while also delivering on the post-rationalising of a B2B decision?

The experience

We buy on emotion and justify with logic – a fact that is as relevant in the B2B sector as it is for consumer marketing. Scania owners and drivers love the brand, they customise their rigs, get tattoos and wear branded clothing. Underlying this is the need to run a profitable business, the rational arguments of fuel consumption, reliability and total cost of ownership.


We buy on emotion and justify with logic


1 in 5 New Trucks is a Scania

The rallying cry of ‘You Can’ was the strapline created by RLA, that embodied the positive can-do attitude of both the manufacturer and their customers. The approach allowed a seamless segue from the emotional to rational, dependent upon the role of the communication.


The Result

In the context of big spending competition, Scania became the number one brand in the industry-wide research study on attitudes towards the manufacturers. Sales grew to the point that one in every five new trucks you see on the road is a Scania, despite their premium price positioning.