The new BMW 3 Series

BMW launched the latest 3 series models. There’s a lot going on here so I’ll be quick, its 85mm longer and 16mm wider that the last 3 Series. But thanks to a lot of aluminium in the bonnet, front wings and suspension, it manages to be 55kg lighter. So lighter and a stiffer chassis, what else did you expect from the Ultimate Driving Machine?

Other than that, it’s full of tech, and features a much more premium interior than the last few 3 Series models. With technology, it’s got everything you would expect from a current high-end saloon – automatic parking, more sensors and cameras than MI5, even a Siri-like automated assistant. The car is begging you to say, “Hey BMW” so it can answer all your pressing needs. Not bad.

The styling, feels pretty safe, nothing drastic to show. I’m definitely waiting for the M3 to before passing judgement. BMW have teased the M-Sport Pack, so that gives us a taste.

Whether clever marketing or a genuine leak, images of the 3 Series were released a few days before launch… I know which my money is on.

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The Audi R8 GT3 Evo race car


Look at it, it looks amazing. You won’t see a more aggressive looking race car for a while. Also, are Audi teasing us with a few styling ideas for the next R8 road car? Those 3 notches above the grille and the new shaped headlights? I can see those on the next road car. Couple that with the new aggressive look of the A1. Which has similar headlights and the notches above the grille. Could we be seeing the face of the next set of Audi models?

If they continue down this more aggressive style with nods to the old Quattro, count me in.

Peugeot E-Legend

The next in the line of the retro-looking EV’s following the Honda Urban EV. Peugeot are showing that the future of cars can still look like cars. And that’s pretty cool.

Exterior design pays homage to the classic 504, hardly an icon, but Peugeot picked it as it turns 50 this year. It seems like a great choice, because it looks great. Peugeot have said it’ll have both manual and automated drive modes. In manual there’s 450bhp going through all 4 wheels from the electric motor, so you’ll definitely be able to have some fun. Couple that with the 70’s interior styling (that looks like an early concept from the Jetson’s) and we’re in a futuristic wonderland.

But let’s calm down a bit. It’s a concept, so chances are it’ll never look like this, or even happen. But if this is the way they are thinking of going with the future design of their cars, then there is a lot to look forward to.

And a little side note from the PSA stands, Citroen are saying that all their cars will be electrified by 2025. So another car company committing to an all-electric future just as Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo – can only be good news.

Porsche 911 Speedster

Teased at their 70th birthday in June the 911 Speedster has created quite a stir with Porsche fans. So much so that Porsche have decided to put some into production. 1,948 to be precise. That’s not a weird random number pulled out of the air, the original 356 was signed off for production in 1948. So a limited number available.

Porsche are calling it a ‘Concept Study’. Trailing the idea of the speedster. If it generates enough hype then for the next generation of 911’s we may see a Speedster option.

Let’s hope so because this thing is gorgeous.