What’s your new role at RLA, and how are you settling into it?

Front End Developer – so far settling in very nicely, ta!

What were your first impressions of your team?

As they might read this, they seem like a lovely bunch. (They really are!)

What did you do before starting at RLA? Give us the career/education highlights.

I worked in Central London for the best part of 20 years in all manner of places: large consultancies, digital agencies and for several years was a Civil Servant. Toolmakers Apprentice, Security Guard, Office Junior, News Editor, Designer, Developer – I’ve done a few things! As a Civil Servant I got to go into 10 Downing Street through the famous door, so would call that a definite highlight.

What’s different about RLA so far?

The office / location / commute. How many people can feed a horse from their car window on the drive into work?

What’s your dream client?

Something music related would be good. Although I am a bit of a car nerd so might have hit the jackpot!

What do you get up to outside of work?

As a Dad and Husband, Dadding and Husbanding mainly. We live near the beach so if we’re not there, we’ll be found eating somewhere! I love DIY, walking, I play a bit of guitar and like a bit of upcycling (my current thing is making stuff from old pallets!)

What made you choose RLA?

We chose each other!

If you could have a superpower what would it be, and why?

Flying – just think how much cheaper commuting and going on holiday would be.

What is your favourite movie, and why?

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory – I’ve loved it since I was a kid and have even got my eldest daughter into it. I grew up reading Roald Dahl books and love everything I’ve read by him.