Introducing… Amarjeet Mann

What’s your new role at RLA, and how are you settling into it?

Marketing Automation Specialist

What were your first impressions of your team?

I felt comfortable on my 1stday and that’s mainly because everyone I spoke to were so friendly and happy to answer any questions I had.  The senior management are very approachable and add to the relaxed environment.

What did you do before starting at RLA? Give us the career/education highlights.

I have a Marketing degree and fell into the world of CRM software by accident.  The 1stcompany I worked for had their own CRM software – Chordiant.  They managed the outsourced databases and used the marketing software to build/run the CRM campaigns.

I learnt the tool and worked as an Account manager for a variety of clients Honda, Boots, T-Mobile (at the time) and Sega.

From there I was at The AA for 12 years. Moved to Comet/Merkle and was lucky to work with clients such as RBS, BT/EE and VWG – Audi account B2C.

In my last role, I was working for a Tech company. Specialist users of Adobe Campaign. I helped set up the campaigns for Specsavers Holland as well as supporting the UK team in Guernsey.

My background is mainly working within the CRM team, setting up a program, building and running marketing campaigns.

What’s different about RLA so far?

I can say the location is unique and the atmosphere is very inclusive.

What’s your dream client?

Working with Specsavers was a positive experience.

What do you get up to outside of work?

Day to day it’s getting back to the family and making sure everyone’s happy and doing what they should be.  For myself, I like to swim and go to the gym on the odd occasion.  Going for walks is a way I like to relax. Visiting family and friends.  Retail therapy is up there too, then hiding the evidence from my husband.

What made you choose RLA?

I had a good vibe at the interview.  Seeing the team at work and the layout of the office, it was all positive.  So, when I was offered the job it was an easy decision.

If you could have a superpower what would it be, and why?

Be in another place/country with a blink. No long haul flights or jet lag!

What is your favourite movie, and why? 

That’s a tricky question, I don’t have a favourite. I think I watched Die Hard quite a few times and never got bored.  I tend to like most of the James Bond films.