For better or worse, there’s no denying we’re in the midst of a ‘data age’.

The language of our industry is filled with words like ‘Analytics’, ‘Attribution’, ‘Reach’, ‘Impressions’ and the big one… ‘Engagement’, and the advertising and content we create and consume across digital, social and TV becomes more personalised and targeted every year.

With the depth of data available, we as advertisers are also learning more about the people we’re trying to reach. We’re learning who is part of our clients’ true demographic, not just who we think should be part of it. We’re learning who are the loyalists to the brand, but also who are the very exciting individuals sitting on the fence who just might be tempted over.

That data affords us a really amazing opportunity – an opportunity to reach those fence-dwelling folk with relevant, timely content that affects them, and maybe even nudges them (ever so slightly) in our direction.

But there is an immutable truth that is often lost in all the technological, sociological excitement about data – that it’s the idea’ that makes the difference.

To use a tasty analogy – if data and technology is ‘the Deliveroo’ of advertising, then the creative being delivered is ‘the Burger’.

You can know everything there is to know about your customers: you can have the best idea of what ingredients they love, whether they’re a gherkin-fan or not, what time they like to eat their meals, and when they’re most likely to order….

But if it’s not cooked right – what’s the point? If ‘the burger’ (the creative – stay with me) doesn’t go down well, is too bland, or worst case, in unpalatable on arrival, then EVERYTHING preceding it was a wasted effort and the opportunity to win someone over is lost.

The key, especially for clients, is to see through all the data chatter and partner with agencies that have the intelligent systems (or Deliveroo, to return to the burger metaphor), and the creativity (the quarter-pounder of red-hot creative) to actually move their customers.

And now I’ve made myself hungry.