10 Questions with… Claire Ibbott

What’s your role at RLA?

Account Manager (and party planner on the RLA Social Committee)

Ok, so what do you actually do?

I work in Client Services underneath Group Account Director Paula, alongside Account Manager Hayley and closely with our newest team member, Account Executive Amy. We manage programmes for several high-profile automotive clients across both hemispheres, so our websites and comms are pretty far-reaching!

Sometimes we’re problem solvers, other times translators and often presenters. It’s our role to take the brand’s business objectives, consult our Planning experts, and pull together briefs for our internal digital, creative and design teams.

Now into my fourth year at RLA, I can say that my responsibilities transform with each month that goes by. With a number of projects running at any one time, my day-to-day tasks include the governance and administration of websites, briefing and testing web development projects, the production of creative communications and arranging their distribution to our clients’ networks or customer bases.

What industry trend or technology are you most excited about?

Everything electric – just waiting for an affordable electric camper to come along. The Volkswagen I.D. BUZZ comes out in 2022 and I’ve got a reminder set.

What’s your best memory from RLA so far?

There are too many to choose from. Meeting the lovely folks at Volvo Cars New Zealand in Auckland was something to remember though. The client team there are just so friendly and greeted me with a can of L&P and a spread of Kiwi candy.

What are you most proud of (career, personal, go for broke)?

It may be a cliché, but I am really proud of my degree. Studying came with some hurdles, but it was the first experience that made me realise my own potential and I think it’s been the best foundation for this role.

What would you do if you weren’t in the marketing industry?

Professional Gintheusiast, presenting my own version of Rick Stein’s Long Weekends but travelling around distilleries. Sounds good, right?

Summarise RLA in one word.


Which other RLAer is most awesome and why?

James Coogan, purely for his superhuman feat of athleticism at the RLA Sports Day.

It’s Friday, its 4 o’clock, the beer fridge is open. What are you grabbing?

Ginger Beer

How would you describe your ideal client relationship?

We look to each other as partners – we’re working towards the same goals, so it makes sense for us to act as a team to deliver the best results.

It helps when both sides are responsive and tuned in to any barriers the other could be facing – time restrictions, budget, shared resource or otherwise.