Ok, so what do you actually do?

So many things, it’s different every day.

The day flies by – listening to and helping anyone who needs my support, guidance, advice and encouragement. I love solving problems, helping whoever may be struggling with whatever they are struggling with. I’m a great believer in ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, so being approachable and available to everyone, not only in the agency but to our clients too, is really important to me. Which is why I’m sat answering these questions at 10.30pm! My ‘work’ day starts when the agency closes.

What industry trend or technology are you most excited about?

My time is extremely precious, and I have little of it, so I’m more interested in Brands that can serve me a relevant ad. They’ve taken an interest, learned my preferences, and talk to me about something I am genuinely interested in buying. Once they serve me an offer, I’m hooked and will buy. I love it when Brands get it so right, because it works.

So, it’s been really important to me that RLA stays on top of the marketing automation trend. What I’m really keen to explore now is how this impacts voice assistants. I’ve never been fortunate enough to have a personal assistant in my career, but we are quickly reaching the time when our own personal AI assistant will become part of our everyday lives creating a dependency that we don’t yet know we have. Helping brands make sure they don’t lose out in this next battle is going to be extremely interesting.

What’s your best memory from RLA so far?

So many in my 15 years. But I think it has to be whilst in my first role as an AD on VW & VWCV, convincing the client to order a rain machine whilst on a photoshoot in South Africa after convincing him it would be more cost effective to shoot out there, saving on the cost of weather insurance in the UK – required in case of rain! And whilst on the same shoot, being a part of the team that wrote the ‘Let’s Go To Work’ line for VWCV. The client actually kicked the wall when we presented it to him, he loved it so much! For it then to go on and become one of the top 10 campaigns of the decade is an awesome accolade.

When you’re not in the barn, what do you get up to?

Escape – get away. Travel the world. There’s so much to see, even in the UK. And if I can’t physically get away, I’ll escape by reading anything, colouring anything, complete puzzles of all sorts, walk anywhere and everywhere, eat, drink and generally enjoy the company and laughing a lot with everyone around me.

What are you most proud of?

Reaching MD, I love RLA and I love my job – every day. I’ll never forget getting back to the agency after a client meeting and everyone being gathered together, and the announcement being made – I was so surprised, and it genuinely was unexpected.

I have to say my son and daughter, Joshua and Kirby. Well, I don’t have to. I feel it’s the obvious answer, but I want to name them as I genuinely am so very proud of them both. I love seeing them now as the adults they’ve become, building their own futures, remembering how very different they both were as they were growing up. I’ve kept (hoarded) so many ‘memories’, a loft full, that one day (soon) I hope I’ll be fortunate enough to share it all with my grandchildren.

What would you do if you weren’t in the marketing industry?

Help at an elephant orphanage in South Africa. I adore the country and am passionate about elephants, literally love them!

You’re in control of the Sonos, what are we listening to?

Anything from the 80s. Early 80s, from Ska to New Romantics. I’m tone-deaf, so not an avid music fan as long as it’s a feel-good tune, upbeat and makes me feel happy. I’ll actually listen to anything, unashamedly I’ll admit to loving anything Motown, The Beatles, Bowie and even ABBA. I’ll only sing along when the agency is empty though. It’s probably easier to say what I wouldn’t listen to and that is definitely Death/Heavy metal.

We’re on a pitch and it’s pizza time, what are you ordering?

If I’m honest, I’d rather not have a pizza, but if that’s what everyone else wants then anything vegetarian! Mushrooms, sweetcorn, peppers, jalapeños – any vegetables on offer, throw them on. It should be Dominos, thin-crust, and with at least two pots of the garlic and herb dip.

It’s Friday, it’s 4 o’clock, the beer fridge is open. What are you grabbing?

No hesitation – Gin and slim.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Talking to clients, getting to the bottom of their problems, understanding their challenges and finding a way to help them. Building the relationship to such a point that whenever a client needs to turn to someone for help, they will always turn to RLA because of the trust and mutual respect that exists in the partnership.