What’s your role at RLA?

Full Stack Developer.

Ok, so what do you actually do?

My job title is Full Stack Developer which means I have many fingers in many digital pies, but I specialise in backend web development. I do a lot of “behind the scenes” coding for our apps and databases. Day to day I tend to look after the technical side of Volvo First Class our rewards and recognition program for Volvo cars UK and New Zealand. This involves making sure everything is ticking over nicely, ironing out any bugs and developing exciting new features for the programme.

What makes working at RLA different to other agencies?

There’s a feel of real trust that us techies know our stuff, we’re the experts so we’re given the freedom to solve problems however we think best. The working environment is also fantastic, The Barn is surrounded by fields of horses, cows, alpacas, Shetland ponies and even some emus, you don’t get that at other agencies. However, for me, I think the main thing is the tight-knit team, there’s always someone to listen, help, teach, or have a laugh with.

What industry trend or technology are you most excited about?

Electric vehicles, they’re here now but I think in the next few years we’ll see breakthroughs in battery technology that’ll increase range and decrease charging times make them more viable and affordable. Eventually we’ll see an end to dino-juice guzzling, stink-mobiles on our roads.

What’s your best memory from RLA so far?

Every Christmas party provides a new “best memory”, if only I could remember any of them.

When you’re not in the barn, what do you get up to?

Family-ing mainly. Life is hectic with kids and it’s difficult to find time to do anything else. During the calmer periods I like to chillout and do some gaming or sit down with a decent Sci-fi novel. During the Summer months I like to get away camping at much as possible. Possibly climbing the odd big hill or mountain, much to my kid’s distaste.

What are you most proud of (career, personal, go for broke)?

Cheese alert… my kids. They’re growing up to be intelligent, well rounded humans, which is a minor miracle considering their parents.

Which other RLAer is most awesome and why?

How could I mention just one!? On my team Helena and Tom are inspirational, Luke is a great boss, Rich, Rob and Aaron are hilarious, new starters Jonathan and Phil are quickly becoming invaluable and there isn’t a single other person in the agency who I don’t think is fantastic.

It’s Friday, its 4 o’clock, the beer fridge is open. What are you grabbing?

An ale I don’t recognise – I like to try new things.

What’s the most exciting emerging thing in digital?

I’d say the interconnected world of the IOT (Internet of Things) is very exciting. Connecting the world physical world to the digital world in new ways opens a universe of possibilities. For instance, IFTTT connects Strava to my bank so for every 10 meters I cycle or run I’m rewarded 1p from my savings, run 5k and I can treat myself to a decent coffee, heres a link to the IFTT applet .